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"Supplying no jumpers calendar chip TG1508 = D5" detailed description:TG1508


An Introduction

  • 50-year calendar, polyphonic music instead of ordinary newspaper noises.
  • Built-in function-rich water birds, do not need to plug musical.
  • You do not need to plug, you can control a set of switches fluorescent lamp or a motor and other external devices, external devices can be arbitrarily set switching time.
  • There are 8 groups set alarm, birthday reminder feature 12 group, choose as long as 3 groups set alarm, can also choose to cancel set alarm and birthday reminders.
  • Optional automatic brightness dimmed, Chinese timekeeping optional, the export polyphonic music optional 12/24-hour format is optional.
  • Week display mode can be chosen with a digital tube or seven LED, wherein the digital display with 8 characters in turn select the Vietnamese version (2-8), the Chinese version (1-6, 8), Russian (1-7).
  • Can display the indoor temperature, the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units are available.
  • You can hide in the display.
  • There are calendar board self-test feature that detects board open circuit and short circuit.
  • Time synchronization can be connected with the calibrator for measuring time error and set the time.
  • PCB version can be made ​​without the jumper.

Two instructions

1           Key Description

Setting key, setting / timer button * Use one *

Increases / hour switch / key to open the whole point alarm

Down / set alarm button

Timekeeping / Exit

Water birds key

2           Time Adjustment

twenty one          Go under the normal state, press the "Settings" button to enter the time setting state, while Year "Flashing", press "up" or "down" key to modify the year, modifying the good press "Settings" button will flash shifted to the Gregorian calendar "month" Press "up" or "down" key to modify the month; use the same method may days, hours, minutes and seconds settings; week, lunar month, and day will automatically follow changes in the Gregorian calendar varies.

twenty two          When the second set well, then press "Settings" button to exit the time setting and return to normal time status.

3           12/24 hour switch

In normal walking state, press "up" button for 3 seconds, you can carry out 12-hour and 24-hour switch.

When the power-on reset, may default to 24-hour or 12-hour, determined by the option.

4           On / Off whole point of time (the whole point of the alarm)

In the normal travel time mode, press the "set point alarm switch on" button, you can open the whole point timekeeping function indicator lights while the whole point of timekeeping; press "up" button, you can turn off the whole point timekeeping function while the whole point of timekeeping directions lights out.

5           Set alarm settings

5.1          8 groups set alarm

The default value is invalid, the default time is 12:00.

5.2          Alarm settings:

In normal time mode, press "set alarm" enter "set alarm information display state", set alarm indicator light to show "A1" in temperature, indicates that the current you see is the "first group set alarm" The information, in hours, minutes digit display "--:--", said the set alarm "invalid"; display "XX:XX" specific time, set alarm indicates "valid", press "up" key to switch the "effective "/" invalid ", press" Settings "button to enter the set alarm time is set, and the hour digits flash, press" up "or" down "key to modify the contents of the blinking digit, press" Settings "button to move the flashing position to the minutes position, Press the "up" or "down" key to modify the contents of the blinking digit, press "Settings" button to confirm and exit the set alarm time settings return to set alarm information is displayed, press the "set alarm" button to enter the next group set alarm information display state, which is provided with the "first group set alarm" the same, and so you can set all the set alarm.

6           Birthday reminders

6.1          12 set birthday reminders, the default value is invalid, the six Group 1 default calendar date January 1.

                                 12 Group 7 default date for the Lunar New Year on January 1.

                                (No Lunar 12 Group 1 default calendar date January 1)

6.2          Birthday reminder settings:

In the last set of set alarm state, and then a "set alarm" key to enter the first set birthday reminders, display "b1" in temperature position. In the Gregorian calendar "day of bits" shows date of birth (an invalid date display "----"), then the birthday of "calendar date" shall prevail, if the lunar "month day position" shows date of birth, then the lunar calendar birthday whichever; press "up" key "on / off" the group birthday reminders, press the "Settings" button to enter "the group birthday reminder date" setting, press "up" or "down" key to modify its contents, press " Settings "button to move the flashing position, press the" Settings "button to confirm the group birthday reminder settings, then" set alarm "key to enter the next set birthday reminders, and so you can set all the birthday reminder, when the last set of birthday reminder , press "set alarm" key retreated normal time status.

6.3          If the alarm is not a group of settings is valid, the set alarm light goes out.

6.4          Under the state of alarm is as long as a key is pressed, it will turn off the alarm tone.

7           Automatically exit set state

In any setting mode, if more than 30 seconds without operation, will automatically exit the setting mode, the set of data is "effective".

8           Manually exit the setup: In any setting mode, press the "chime / Exit" button to exit the setting mode, press and hold the SET key 3 seconds also to exit set state.

9           Ambient temperature detection

9.1          Temperature range: -9 ~ + 50 ℃.

9.2          Thermistor is 10K, a negative temperature coefficient (3550).

9.3          Reference resistance is 10K precision resistors.

10       Power Status: The first power-on reset or power failure caller will hear the bell, "now moment" "some sort" and a "music" broadcast.

11       Alarm Description

11.1      The whole point of the alarm: When the whole point of open alarm, the whole point of the alarm indicator lights, every day from 7 to 21 o'clock the whole point, the whole point of the bell will be beat, and the newspaper "some sort of present time"; If it is no Chinese version for export timekeeping.

11.2      Alarm: Alarm are daily (once daily alarm, alarm reads: "tapping ...... now some sort of time", "tapping the present time some sort of ......" ...... for one minute ; if it is the export version of the Chinese chime has no snooze function, namely press timekeeping / Exit button to exit the alarm when the alarm, another eight minutes continue beeping).

11.3      Birthday Alarm :( birthday the day from 7 to 21:00 over 08 minutes, put a birthday song)

12       LED automatic brightness adjustment function

22:00 pm start to 7:00 the next morning, the brightness is automatically reduced by half, other times normal.


13       Switch control function

If the user of the lamp's power switch to the on position, you can automatically turn off the lights and turn on the lights of the function, the default is 22 o'clock at night the lights, turn on the lights in the morning 7:00; light switch can also be arbitrarily set period of time, method as follows: Hold down "with timer settings" button for 3 seconds at a temperature bit display "ON", an hour-minute-bit display "7:00" and the hour digit flashes to indicate open fluorescent 07:00 o'clock, press "up "or" down "key to modify the contents of the blinking digit, press" with timer setting "key to move the flashing position to the minute digits, press" up "or" down "key to modify the contents of the blinking digit, press" with timer settings "button, Temperature-bit display "OF", hour-minute-bit display "22:00" and the hour digits flash, turn it off fluorescent time at 22 o'clock ...... lights after modification time in the same way, then "with timer settings" key to confirm and exit the setting mode.

14 water birds function

   In the travel mode, press the "water birds" key to open water birds singing, then "water birds" key to decrease the amount of water birds sound until the sound disappears, press any other will turn off the sound.

Three electrical parameters

1. Working voltage: DC3.0-3.6V

2. Quiescent Current: less than 5UA

3. Working current: varies depending forum

4. Working temperature: -1 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ (but the temperature display range is -9 ~ + 50 ℃)

Four keyboard matrix and function definitions








Set / Move

Increases / whole point Alarm switch / 3 seconds 12 and 24-hour switch

Down /

Set alarm

Timekeeping /

drop out

Running water

Birds / down volume

Settings / Timer

Pin Description of function keys:


Function Description



Basic Settings button, also includes a shift function. The setting made ​​after mobile use.



In the setting mode for the "up" button in the travel status as "the whole point of the alarm switch" button, press and hold 3 seconds to switch 12/24 hour.



Down key, also have set set alarm / birthday function.



Chime / Exit / snooze button

Export version only snooze function.


Water birds keys up / down volume keys

To minimize the volume keys when the sound of water birds.


Set key, and timing reuse.

Press 3s into the timer switch control settings.



Five options Description

The following pin pull-down resistor can be connected as option


Options foot

Options Description



Time brightness doubled.



Square version



Gregorian and Lunar Rotation

Selecting this option has no years, no lunar


Select this option to Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

Selecting this option has no calendar display, temperature display to the lunar months centuries bits, no Chinese timekeeping.


Select this option to export version, week display with seven LED lights.

No Chinese timekeeping.


Select this option for the Vietnamese version, displayed as 2-8 weeks.

No Chinese timekeeping.


Selecting this option has no birthday reminder function, 8 groups alarm clock.



Electric default this option is selected 12-hour clock.

Do not default for the 24-hour clock.


Selecting this option has no Chinese timekeeping function.



Selecting this option has no birthday reminders, 3 groups alarm clock.



Selecting this option has no annual show.

In setting status bits are displayed in hours and minutes.


Simple clock version, up doing hours keys, do minute cut key.



Single-port musical output


Com2 + Com12

Selecting this option is the Russian version, displayed as 1-7 weeks.

No Chinese timekeeping.

Com12 + Com1 or Com2

Select this option to export version, you can not set seconds.

No Chinese timekeeping.

Com3 + Com5

Selecting this option does not alarm clock function, no birthday reminder feature.


Note: 1. When you want to select the option simply ComX 10K resistor to the common ground from ComX feet.

2. Com2 + Com12 expressed simultaneously select Com2 and Com12 option.

Tips: These are no jumpers on the calendar chip factory direct supply TG1508 = D5 detailed description of the product by the Shenzhen City, south Tyco Software Technology Co., Ltd. (Sales) to provide you, if you are in the South, Shenzhen Tyco Software Technology Interested in the product information Limited (Sales) can or , you can also see more and no jumpers calendar chip factory direct supply TG1508 = D5-related products!
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